Turn on whole home light with single switch!

Multiple switches would be required to control multiple lights in different area, which would be inconvenient to operate and not aesthetically appealing. Furthermore, closing and opening blinds required a walk to each window, with some barriers requiring reaching out over them.

But what if you could control everything by one single button from one place in your bungalow?

Technology has made life easier for interior designers substantially. A single touch and automated shades operate quietly in tandem with light fixtures. Moreover, dimming multiple lights with a one touch, or opening shades using another button on the same keypad.

Multi button backlit smart user keypad with variety of designs and custom engravings can be utilized to match interior design of the home. Not only do they provide custom look and feel that compliments the space, they also enable precise and intuitive lighting control.

Light control 

Philip Dynalite smart Switch

Philip dynalite switches help you to control multiple lights in different area with single touch, able to set up home light routine while you are away, smart motion detector light, smooth auto dimming level, auto mood light to create pleasent feel 



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