EGREAT A15 4K Blu-Ray Navigation HHD Player

The perfection of the A15 interface configuration is beyond your imagination. A combination of Hi-Fi-level dual-channel XLR balance and RCA output, dual HDMI interface for easy separation of audio and video with USB, DAC function interface, support C4 and RS-232 intelligent central control interface, all of these features are  convenient for the docking of intelligent central control equipment, etc., to meet the expansion needs of various types of equipment.



A15 adopts the ES9038 audio decoding chip with good reputation and excellent performance in the industry. A15 has also received strong original design-level technical support and deep cooperation from ESS company. This is also a unique resource advantage of Egreat.

The A15 dual hard drive extraction racks are made of  spring shock absorption originating from German technology, and the adjacent cooling fan and power transformer also uses customized silicone shock absorption to ensure that the physical vibration of the machine is reduced, which can prevent the deterioration of audio and video quality. At the same time, each area is shielded and isolated with a thick metal cover to prevent electromagnetic interference between each other. Not only that, but there are also optional metal shock absorbers and other accessories to further reduce vibration thus rendering the details to an extremely attentive extent.

The materials of A15 are carefully selected; from the immersion gold craft military grade PCB, the fever level 70 watt high power ring cow, the pure copper gold plated interface, the selection of high-quality ELNA capacitors, the German Weimar capacitors, the original Japanese Omron relay to the 0.5% accuracy Wafer resistors and other high-standard components and specially optimized wiring, the performance and materials of the whole machine have not seen any shortcomings whatsoever, which is also the premise of A15’s outstanding sound and picture quality.


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