The fact that we mention security so often elsewhere on our website reinforces the integrative nature of Smart Home technologies and the way that these apparently disparate strands of luxury, high-tech 21st Century lifestyle are all very much inter-connected. 

In an integrated Intelligent Home environment, your Lighting Control, Home Automation and Alarm Systems can all be fully integrated with CCTV to raise deterrence and surveillance to new levels.

This gives you improved safety lighting and the ability to program intelligent lighting and automation to simulate the realistic impression of a ‘lived-in’ house, turning lights on and off, or raising and lowering automatic blinds at appropriate, yet always slightly varied times of day. 

You can also synchronize lighting and audio to come on when motion sensors detect movement. By integrating your Intelligent Home system with CCTV you can also keep a check on the house from any computer around the world, or have alerts and surveillance images sent to mobile phones at home and abroad. 

Closer to home, you can protect yourself, your loved ones and your property by installing remote control lighting devices that can be activated from the safety of a car and trigger the illumination of your drive, pathway, porch and hallway to ensure a safe return to the family fortress.  

Smart Home works in close association with leading alarm and CCTV installers and as approved designers, installers and programmers for companies such as Lutron and AMX, you can be assured that we understand the house security implications and applications of these technologies just as much as what they offer for high-end lighting design and deluxe entertainment.

Intercom & Telecommunication Systems

In addition to providing security options, we also have intercom & telecommunication systems in relation to our security systems on offer. 

Facial Recognition

Among all biometric technologies, facial recognition is the most balanced and versatile technology. It is easy to use, accurate, and is able to keep undisputable record of transactions. Hence, we dedicated our resources to develop advanced facial recognition technology and products.

Besides its intended usage for security purposes, facial recognition also now plays an integral role in combatting the spread of Covid-19 by scanning for signs of infection among the populace, thus helping to identify and prevent cases from breaking out any further. Facial recognition also helps in prevent the spread of the virus by eliminating the need to initiate hand to hand contact as well.
Our facial recognition systems are also wired for attendance tracking so as to initiate fast and non-invasive identity verification, therefore cutting down on the need to manually enter one's credentials upon entering a building that has said system implemented within its premises. They also help facilitate better worker attendance systems by cutting down on time fraud, thus providing workers with an incentive to be on time.