T + A develops and produces everything that audiophile music lovers love. Our program is very extensive and consists of several device series for a wide variety of requirements and demands. It includes top-quality amplifiers, music players and individual components of the absolute top class for high-end customers. Compact HiFi systems with outstanding acoustic properties for the audiophile music lover and excellent sounding all-in-one solutions for the discerning design fan.

As with the audio systems, our loudspeaker concepts have also been developed for a wide range of requirements: large floorstanding monitors with unique technologies and absolute high-end standards. Excellent mid-sized floorstanding and bookshelf speakers and elegant compact solutions with excellent sound. The multitude of designs and variants fulfill every wish, the technologies and concepts used are unique.

The Solitaire P and the HA 200 headphone amplifier represent the prelude to a complete headphone concept from T + A. With their reduced designs, the Solitaire P and HA 200 cite the iconic T + A high-end series and speak like all T + A devices , aestheticians and connoisseurs of music, innovation and modern craftsmanship alike.

Audio systems can only achieve their full sound quality if the accessories, i.e. additional special equipment, such as phono modules, audio cables, loudspeaker cables, power lines and power strips are on the same high level as the other components. T + A has therefore developed a wide range of accessories that are optimally tailored to the high requirements of our devices and speakers.

T + A means theory and application in terms of audio technology. That means we think up, manufacture and optimize hi-fi components of the highest quality with the aim of developing perfect high-end products for our customers all over the world.